Lava Lamp Blue/Red
    Lava Lamp Blue/Red

The lava lamp red/blue is filled with a blue tinted liquid and red wax. When the light is turned on the red wax starts to heat up and moves up and down the lamp creating a mesmerizing effect. This cool desktop gadget is a great geeky gift to light up any room.

The classic novelty light, Lava Lamps are a fun gizmo that adds some retro flair to your living room, apartment or bachelor pad. One of the top gadgets of all time, this Red and Blue Lava Lamp will brighten your day!

Did You Know...?

Briton Edward Craven-Walker invented the lava lamp in 1960. Craven-Walker presented it at a Brussels trade show in 1965, where the entrepreneur Adolph Wertheimer noticed it. Wertheimer and his business partner William M. Rubinstein bought the U.S. rights to manufacture and sell it as the Lava Lite, the lamps were a success throughout the 1960s and early 70s.

Lamp Holder
Type E27
Voltage 220~240v
Color Silver
Cord Length approx. 1.2m
Cord Color Black

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Lava Lamp Blue/Red

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